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How Many Dental Implants Do You Need? Find Out!

January 28, 2021

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Woman smiling with dental implants

If you’re missing teeth, you’ve surely come across dental implants during your research for a potential replacement. Incredibly popular, dental implants bring a wide range of functional and health benefits to your smile. However, the treatment process is a little more complicated than other options, which may leave you wondering how many implants you’ll need. Read on to learn the answer as well as some additional information about this amazing tooth replacement solution!


What is Invisalign?

December 22, 2020

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Invisalign is clearly the comfortable alternative to metal braces for adults. There are no brackets, wires or restrictions that come with traditional braces. Instead, clear removable aligners are precisely fitted to gradually and gently straighten and evenly space your teeth.


PPO vs. HMO Dental Insurance: What’s the Difference?

December 16, 2020

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Man smiling after understanding the types of dental insurance

Are you trying to find the right dental insurance plan for you? The best place to start is to learn the difference between the two most common types of dental insurance: PPO and HMO plans. So which one can you benefit from most? Read on to learn about a few different types of dental insurance plans as well as which one is right for you!


The Importance of Oral Health Before Cosmetic Dentistry!

November 29, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 12:46 pm
Woman smiling after her visit to cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentistry allows patients with flaws like discoloration, chips, cracks, and more to achieve their dream smiles. Of course, a beautiful smile also comes with an amazing boost of confidence, which is why cosmetic dentistry can be truly life changing. However, your cosmetic dentist may recommend services like fillings or gum disease therapy to treat your oral health first. Read on to learn why it’s vital to have good dental health before you receive cosmetic dentistry.


Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving with Dentures!

November 23, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 12:51 pm
Woman with dentures smiling at the thanksgiving table

Just like that, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This year sure has been crazy, which probably means you’re looking forward to the holiday now more than ever. However, if you have dentures, you may be dreading the idea of eating a meal with all different types of foods, including turkey. The slipping of your smile is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be embarrassing while trying to eat with family. Thankfully, your dentist has included some tips for enjoying Thanksgiving with dentures.


Dental Visits: One of the Easiest Ways to SAVE Money!

November 16, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 4:10 pm
Woman smiling after using dental insurance to save money

If you’re like many others, you may be doing all you can to pinch pennies and save money. As a result, you’re probably cutting out various memberships, services, or other things you may consider unnecessary. During this time, you may consider canceling your upcoming dental appointments. However, this could cost you more money in the long run! Read to learn how routine dental visits can actually save your dollars and what your dental insurance can do to help.


Surviving Halloween with Your Dentist!

October 15, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 6:30 pm
Little girl trick or treating while avoiding cavities after Halloween

Spooky season is officially here, which means that your kids are probably licking their lips in anticipation of Halloween sweets. Of course, you know that candy is bad for your teeth, but this holiday staple is unfortunately unavoidable. Everyone deserves to sink their teeth into a treat, however some candies are more dangerous for your child’s smile than others. Read to learn about the best and worst sweets your son or daughter can eat to decrease their risk of cavities after Halloween.


5 Tips for a Healthy Smile During National Dental Hygiene Month!

October 11, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 6:43 pm
Man brushing his teeth using oral hygiene tips

October is known for Fall weather, and of course, Halloween! However, this time of the year also marks National Dental Hygiene Month—a reminder for the importance of the health of your entire mouth. That’s why your dentist has included some easy yet effective oral hygiene tips! Read on to learn how to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month the right way by practicing great at-home oral healthcare.


Dental Insurance: Is it Worth the Money? Find Out Here!

September 23, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 8:16 pm
Woman relaxing in dental chair after saving with dental insurance

Did you know that about 85% of Americans agree that oral health is very or extremely important when it comes to their overall wellbeing? That’s why a recent survey shows about 73% have dental insurance. If you’re considering getting coverage, you may be wondering about whether or not it’s worth it for just a few visits a year. However, dental insurance is a lot more valuable than you may think. Read on to learn why!


Brushing Teeth: Should You Do It Before or After Breakfast?

September 17, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorizeddrkics @ 2:28 pm
Woman smiling with coffee after brushing teeth before breakfast

You’ve been told your whole life to brush your teeth twice a day. If you’re like most, this habit probably occurs in the morning and at night. However, how do you know if you’re brushing at the correct time? Should you brush before or after your breakfast? It may be surprising but brushing your teeth before breakfast has its advantages. Read on to learn more about the best time to clean your teeth and why waiting until after your meal could actually damage your smile.

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