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True or False: Can Gum Disease Cause High Blood Pressure?

April 26, 2022

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person pointing to inflamed gums

Growing up, we were constantly told how brushing and flossing were essential for a healthy smile. While that’s certainly true, those practices can also have a positive impact on your general health. If you fail to take proper care of your mouth, you could develop issues like gum disease. Well, did you know that periodontitis can increase your chances of having high blood pressure? Read on to learn more about this connection and how you can keep your gums healthy for better heart health.


How Much Does Scaling and Root Planing Cost?

April 11, 2022

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young woman getting scaling and root planing in Arlington Heights

For some patients, gum disease cannot be controlled with dental cleanings alone. Luckily, scaling and root planing may be able to get the job done! The procedure is often necessary to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and allow the gums a chance to heal. If your dentist recommended this dental treatment, you likely want to know how much it’ll cost before moving forward with it. In this blog post, we’ll explain why you need it and which factors will affect the cost of scaling and root planing and Arlington Heights.


Uninsured? Here’s the Secret to Affordable Dental Care

March 31, 2022

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Closeup of woman smiling at reflection in mirror

Having dental insurance through your employer can save you a lot of money on essential dentistry, like biannual checkups and cleanings. Without it, you could end up spending $300+ every six months for these routine visits! So, if a dental plan isn’t part of your benefits, you may think the most affordable option is to simply not go at all. Fortunately, that’s not the case. There is another way to save: dental savings plans.


You Asked, We Answered: Will Receded Gums Grow Back?

March 10, 2022

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Closeup of woman in blue shirt wondering

When it comes to discussions about dental care, your teeth often steal the spotlight. However, it’s important to focus equally on the health of gums! After all, swollen, irritated, and red gums can negatively impact both the look and function of your smile. If yours have begun to pull away from your teeth due to a condition like gum disease, then you may be wondering if receded gums grow back. To learn the answer, read on!


Have Dental Discoloration? It May Be Hereditary

March 1, 2022

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Portrait of woman in orange shirt smiling

Are you struggling with brittle or yellow teeth? It may not have anything to do with how well you’re brushing or flossing; the culprit may actually be your genes! Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the bright, beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of. To learn more about how stained teeth can be hereditary (and some effective solutions!) read on.


3 Reasons For That Bad Taste In Your Mouth

February 28, 2022

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woman tasting something bitter in her mouth

Having a bad taste in your mouth can make it difficult to consume any foods or beverages. You take a bite hoping to enjoy the juicy, sweet taste of a strawberry or a sip of your favorite coffee only for it to be marred by the awful contents that exist within your oral cavity. A local dentist is here to answer why this unfortunate problem occurs and what you can do to prevent it in the future.


Will I Need Gum Disease Treatment Before Enhancing My Appearance?

February 20, 2022

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person being checked for gum disease

It can be exciting to think about changing your smile’s appearance. Getting rid of the stains, chips, and gaps that have marred your aesthetics for years can finally be eliminated with the help of cosmetic dentistry. But before you start treatment, your dentist may discover you need periodontal therapy. Why? Read on to learn the importance of ensuring healthy gums before a cosmetic dentist enhances your pearly whites.


Why Are My Teeth Stained?

February 14, 2022

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before and after teeth whitening

You may not realize it, but there are three types of tooth stains. Most people assume discoloration occurs because of smoking or years of drinking coffee, tea, and soda, but this common problem extends much farther. Of course, just knowing the cause of yellowing, dull teeth isn’t enough. In this article, you can expect to learn how to get rid of these stains and start embracing a brighter, more youthful appearance.


Gum disease prevention

February 7, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorizedtntadmin @ 10:53 pm

Yes, you can prevent gum disease.

Good oral health habits—thoroughly brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after breakfast and before bed, while angling your toothbrush to include the gum line, and flossing your teeth daily to remove plaque–will help prevent gum disease. An electric toothbrush’s bristle movement might help to remove more plaque or food from your teeth and improve your gum health.


You Asked, We Answered: Can You Kiss with Dentures?

January 29, 2022

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Mature couple smiling on date

And just like that… Valentine’s Day is almost here! Whether you have plans with your long-time love or a new crush, it’s natural to have some questions about dating with dentures. After all, you don’t want to call unnecessary attention to them or miss out on a romantic moment because of them. With this in mind, keep reading to learn if kissing with dentures is possible, tips for dating with them, and how to keep your breath minty-fresh.

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