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Athletic Mouthguards – Arlington Heights, IL

Safeguarding Smiles While Scoring Points


If you have a child who is an avid athlete, watching from the sidelines can be an exciting time, but it can also cause a bit of anxiety, as you want your child to score points, not suffer in pain from a hard hit. While helmets, shoulder pads, and even shin guards can help protect important parts of their body, what safeguards their smile? At Westgate Dental Care, our team of professionals has the answer – a custom athletic mouthguard. Crafted with comfort and protection in mind, we can equip your child or teen with a device that will minimize the risk of a dental injury while engaging in their favorite sport. Call us today to find out how we can get the process started.

Why Choose Westgate Dental Care for Athletic Mouthguards?

  • Customized Oral Device Designed for Comfort & Protection
  • Your Dental Insurance is Welcome
  • We Treat Patients of All Ages

Why Are Mouthguards Necessary?

A customized athletic mouthguard

When considering the different types of protective gear a child or teen needs while playing sports, a mouthguard should be on the list. After all, The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety estimates that those who are engaged in sports are 60 times more likely to suffer a serious dental emergency.

This is why dentists remain one of the staunchest groups of advocates for athletic mouthguards. Treating all types of dental injuries, they see knocked-out teeth, chipped and cracked teeth, and soft tissue lacerations that require invasive and complex treatment.

At Westgate Dental Care, we can alleviate the potential for such injuries by crafting a custom mouthguard for better protection.

Which Kids Will Benefit from Athletic Mouthguards?

Teenage boys playing soccer

The rule of thumb is if your child plays any kind of sport, a mouthguard is a worthwhile investment. Whether they enjoy contact sports or those that are performed solo, an accident can happen at any moment. Safeguarding their pearly whites and gum tissues will minimize the chances of spending time in the dentist’s chair.

It is not uncommon to see athletes in the following sports wearing mouthguards:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Softball

Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard Over a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach?

A girl preparing to run track

Do local drugstores sell mouthguards? Yes. Is it okay to have your child wear one of these one-size-fits-all devices? Technically, yes, but only because it is better than nothing. The reason a custom athletic mouthguard is better than anything you’ll find on store shelves is that it is made specifically for your child’s smile.

Those found at your local drugstore may or may not fit your child’s mouth comfortably or correctly. Even if you get the boil-and-bite version, it still may not be enough to adequately protect their teeth and gums.

With a custom mouthguard, we can take impressions of their smile so that the device is made based on their unique specifications. This ensures that not only will it feel comfortable but also that it will deliver maximum protection while playing their favorite sport. Plus, they’ll be less likely to remove it throughout the game.