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Dental Team – Arlington Heights, IL

Meet Your Smile Team

Our dental team has grown substantially over the years and we couldn’t be happier to welcome so many hardworking, passionate and caring hygienists, dental assistants, and administrative staff to Westgate Dental Care. Without them, our dental office wouldn’t be able to provide you the attention and personalized care you deserve. Below, you can get to know them more personally through their detailed bios. We hope that you consider them before your next appointment and feel confident asking them any questions you may have about your care.

Professional Front-Desk Team

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Treatment Coordinator/Administrative Team Leader Alisha
Alisha Treatment Coordinator/Administrative Team Leader

Healthy Obsession: Learning

“I am always learning and growing to help my patients and my team members. Learning more can only help us on our journey to be the best.”

Treatment coordinator Suela
Suela Treatment Coordinator

Healthy Obsession: Listening

“Listening to patients and knowing their objections helps me fulfill their needs.”

Insurance Coordinator Stephanie
StephanieInsurance Coordinator

Kindness. It allows me to connect with new patients and new team members whenever possible. Kindness costs nothing, but means everything!

Treatment Coordinator Francesa
FrancesaTreatment Coordinator

Empathy. It allows for effective communication and understanding each patient's individual needs.

Insurance Coordinator Laurie
Laurie Insurance Coordinator

Healthy Obsession: Kindness

“Spreading as much kindness as possible can be contagious.”

Front desk coordinator Lisa
Lisa Front Desk Coordinator

Healthy Obsession: Sewing Masks

“Protecting patients and WDC team members.”

Front desk coordinator Elizabeth
Elizabeth Front Desk Coordinator

Healthy Obsession: Communication

“Helping patients with any questions they may have. Helping our team get closer to our goals and helping hygiene with the schedule.”

Front desk coordinator Kyla
Kyla Front Desk Coordinator

I love to greet people with a smile (through a mask) and help make going to the dentist the positive experience it should be. Being kind and understanding to patients and my team members just makes me the environment feel more comfortable and positive here at Westgate Dental Care.

Front desk coordinator Nicole
Nicole Front Desk Coordinator

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Skilled Hygienists

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Dental hygienist/Team Leader Kaylee
Kaylee Dental Hygienist/ Team Leader

Healthy Obsession: Positivity

“Positive energy is contagious and my goal every day is to pass this along to both patients and my team members.”

Dental hygienist/Team Leader Abby
Abby Dental Hygienist/Team Leader

Healthy Obsession: Organizing

“I am thorough when checking patient charts and anticipating their needs before their appointments.”

Dental hygienist Maria
Maria Dental Hygienist

Healthy Obsession: Listening

“Without actively listening to a patient, there is no success. Every patient has a different need or goal. I make it a priority to listen and work together to achieve their goals and help them obtain a healthy smile.”

Dental hygienist Michelle
Michelle Dental Hygienist

Healthy Obsession: Comfort

“Being nervous is expected, but if I can make that fear go away and replace it with comfort, my job is done.”

Dental hygienist Iris
Iris Dental Hygienist

Healthy Obsession: Smiling

“Making patients feel welcomed and comfortable. Understanding this is not everyone’s favorite place to be but ensuring patients we are here for them.”

Dental hygienist Ryann
Ryann Dental Hygienist

Healthy Obsession: Patient Comfort

“Creating an anxiety free environment is so important in a patient-hygienist relationship.”

Dental Hygienist Kimi
Kimi Dental Hygienist

Healthy Obsession: Helping Others

“I always strive my best to help others in the best way possible. If someone is stressed, I try to lighten their load, explain things fully and in an understandable language, and put a smile on their face. I try to make everyone’s day better.”

Dental Hygienist Megan
MeganDental Hygienist

Connecting. I strive to truly connect with each and every one of my patients. Creating that bond helps to show them that their overall well-being is my priority.

Dental Hygienist Brittany
BrittanyDental Hygienist

Patient Education. I like to provide my patients with all the resources I can to help improve their oral and overall health.

Dental Hygienist Alexis
AlexisDental Hygienist

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Dental Hygienist Larissa
LarissaDental Hygienist

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Versatile Dental Assistants

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VinnyDental Assistant/Clinical Team Leader

Guidance. I am passionate about guiding the clinical team to support our doctors and provide the best patient experience!

Dental assistant Tracy
Tracy Dental Assistant

Healthy Obsession: Seeing Patients Smile

“I’m hoping that I can play a part in changing or helping make our patients smile everyday.”

Clinical Support Carmela
Carmela Clinical Support

Healthy Obsession: Commitment

“I’m committed to my work and taking on new challenges. It’s a great attitude to have when serving patients.”

Dental Assistant Alizah
AlizahDental Assistant

Patient Care. Each patient presents with unique needs and demands that need to be identified, respected and addressed. By understanding and recognizing the oral health needs, we are in good position to provide patient friendly solutions that resonates with our patient.

Dental Assistant Ruby B
Ruby BDental Assistant

Reassurance. I like to make sure all my patients are comfortable and reassuring them that they are in safe hands.

Dental Assistant Alex
AlexDental Assistant

Comfort. My healthy obsession is helping people feel comfortable and confident in our team while creating a positive and fun atmosphere.

Clinical Support Cayla
CaylaClinical Support

Organization. Being a part of the clinical team calls for me to be very well organized and on top of my game. Not only does this help me but impacts our patients and the rest of our team by keeping everything on track!

Dental Assistant Janet
JanetDental Assistant

Experience. Patients are really important to me. I enjoy explaining procedures in detail making it as comfortable as possible and giving the attention they deserve!

Dental Assistant Sydney
SydneyDental Assistant

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Dental Assistant Nick
NickDental Assistant

photo and "Healthy Obsession" will be Coming Soon!

Dental Assistant Melissa
MelissaDental Assistant

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Dental Assistant Leilani
LeilaniDental Assistant

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Dental Assistant Sidori
SidoriDental Assistant

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Dental Assistant Dominicka
DominickaDental Assistant

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Talented Operations and Marketing

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Operations Manager Rajmonda
Rajmonda Operations Manager

Healthy Obsession: Commitment

“Committed to help patients make treatment possible and committed to my team to provide the best support I can.”