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4 Bad Habits to Avoid While Wearing Dentures

June 15, 2023

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Living with an incomplete smile can be defeating and cause you to feel frustrated. However, once your new teeth are in place, you’ll find that you have a new lease on life. Eating, speaking, and smiling will be easier than ever before. But making sure your improved smile lasts as long as possible requires making some lifestyle changes, so read on to discover four bad habits to avoid while wearing dentures

Refusing to Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Whether you have a partial or full denture, visiting your dentist every six months (or more regularly) is essential. These appointments give your dental team a chance to review your gum tissues to ensure no signs of bacteria are forming and check your prosthetics for any minor or major damage.

If problem areas are found, appropriate treatment can be administered quickly, reducing the potential for worsening symptoms and costlier care down the road.

Neglecting Brushing and Flossing

Many patients who live with full dentures assume that brushing and flossing are no longer necessary. This is not true. These two dental habits are crucial. Bacteria and saliva can build up on teeth each day. Without proper cleaning, you can develop an infection that harms your oral and overall health.

This is why it’s necessary that you brush and floss your teeth after every meal. You should also soak your teeth when preparing to go to bed at night. This will ensure that they are thoroughly clean when you reinsert them in the morning.

Not Protecting Your Teeth From Potential Damage

When cleaning your teeth, it’s important that you make sure to place a towel in the basin of your sink so that they remain protected should you accidentally drop them. Also, if you do notice that your dentures have small cracks or chips that have formed over time, do not attempt to correct the problem at home.

Using household products like superglue is not effective. Not only is it not useful in damp environments, but it is toxic and can cause more problems than before. It’s best to wait to see your dentist to inquire about how you can work toward treating your smile.

But even if it isn’t damage that is the problem, wearing your denture appropriately is necessary. If you begin to feel as if it no longer fits like it should, make sure to come in for an examination and to have your teeth realigned or fully replaced.

Thinking Mouthwash is No Longer Essential

Just like when you lived with a full set of natural teeth, using mouthwash is the last part of your dental hygiene routine. Flushing out remaining bacteria that may exist inside your mouth helps to not only create a healthier environment for your teeth and gums but also ensure fresher breath.

You should make sure that the mouthwash you choose has fluoride in it so that it protects any remaining natural enamel inside your mouth, and it should also contain plaque-fighting particles to minimize bacterial accumulations.

Giving your dentures the best chance at a long life means committing to better oral health and hygiene. By giving up these bad habits, you’ll get to enjoy your smile much longer than you might imagine.

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