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Patients enjoy stress-free dental procedures at Westgate Dental Care

May 1, 2021

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Dr. Jamieson Brady, a dentist at Westgate Dental Care, says putting off dental care typically leads to long-term negative consequences. Westgate offers a full menu of options for patients to select what would work best for them to calm any anxiety they might have.

For many, one of the only things scarier than a trip to the dentist is public speaking. Dentophobia is one of the most common fears among people of all ages and is a main reason that people avoid getting necessary dental care altogether.

Westgate Dental Care in Arlington Heights knows how stressful dental appointments can be for some, and the practice does everything it can to alleviate patients’ anxiety.

From a comfort menu that includes state-of-the-art chairs with warming and massage features, noise-cancelling headphones for particularly loud procedures, a warm blanket, and televisions in the rooms for a welcome distraction to offering anxiety-free dentistry with the help of several sedation options, Westgate Dental Care is committed to helping patients overcome their anxiety and book appointments without fear.

Regular dental care and cleanings helps in the prevention of problems down the road. Westgate Dental Care in Arlington Heights offers many options, such as warming and massage features in their dental chairs, to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

“Many dental issues are preventable with regular maintenance and dental visits. However, putting off regular cleanings and important procedures due to dental anxiety can have long-term negative consequences on individuals’ oral health,” said Dr. Jamieson Brady, a dentist at Westgate Dental Care who focuses on dental sedation.

Dr. Brady performs many of the oral surgery procedures the practice offers, including tooth and wisdom teeth extractions. A tooth is typically extracted when damage is irreparable and the tooth is causing pain, infection or negatively impacting the surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth can often become impacted, which leads to pain and possible infection. Dr. Brady recommends that patients have their wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 15 and 21, as the recovery time is shorter, and the healing process is more predictable.

“Even if your wisdom teeth do not hurt, it is best to see your dentist and have them evaluated for removal. Your dentist can detect potential problems early before they cause permanent damage. We encourage patients to have their wisdom teeth removed early in life as the procedure is much more predictable before the teeth are fully developed,” said Dr. Brady.

Westgate Dental Care also sees many patients for dental implants, which are the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dr. Brady said anyone missing a tooth is a potential candidate for dental implants based on evaluation during their comprehensive exam. Those interested can schedule a consultation at Westgate Dental Care to determine next steps for the procedure.

Both wisdom teeth removal and dental implants involve oral surgery and sedation. For these longer and more extensive procedures, Westgate Dental Care offers several options to calm patients’ nerves and help the procedure feel like it’s passing quickly. For more involved procedures, “sleep dentistry” is a common option. This involves IV sedation and puts patients in a light, twilight sleep. Patients who choose this option will need to have a trusted friend or family member available to drive them to and from the appointment as well as stay with them post-surgery. However, recovery time is relatively quick.

IV sedation allows dentists to perform necessary surgery while keeping patients relaxed in a safe and controlled environment. Your dentist will review your medical history to make sure IV sedation is a safe method for you. Typically, most healthy adults and teenagers are good candidates for this option. While IV sedation is used for more extensive procedures, it can be an option for less involved treatments as well.

“We would rather provide options for patients to feel relaxed so that they schedule necessary dental work as opposed to putting it off out of fear,” said Dr. Brady. “Patients can rest assured knowing they will experience a stress-free appointment with this sedation technique.”

Westgate Dental Care also offers patients the option of using nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is typically available to patients same day, meaning they do not need to request its use prior to their appointment. However, mentioning that this method is preferred when scheduling an appointment can help the office prepare in advance.

Nitrous oxide will reduce anxiety, but will not numb the area being worked on.  Therefore, it is used in combination with numbing agents.

Once the nitrous oxide delivery is stopped and replaced with oxygen, patients will feel exactly as they had before within minutes. Patients are typically able to drive themselves to and from appointments during which nitrous oxide is used. It can be a quick and simple way to alleviate anxiety about procedures that typically cause patients’ stress, such as root canals. Westgate Dental Care may also suggest the use of oral medications to reduce anxiety.

“With all the advancements in sedation and anesthesia, patients can feel completely comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures,” said Dr. Brady.

Staff members at Westgate Dental Care are available to answer patients’ questions about anxiety-free dentistry options, the comfort menu and help schedule both regular teeth cleanings and more involved appointments.

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