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Pucker Up: 5 Ways to Make Yourself Extra Kissable on Valentine’s Day

January 14, 2023

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Happy couple dancing around balloons on Valentine's Day

With festive balloons, conversation hearts, and chocolates everywhere you go, the first two weeks of February are all about Valentine’s Day. Looking ahead, you might be thinking about your own plans for the 14th. Going on a first date with someone you’re interested in? Keeping the much-loved tradition you and your spouse created years ago? Either way, you may be looking forward to a romantic kiss at the end of your evening. Here are five tips to help you be extra kissable on Valentine’s Day!

Tip #1: Beware of Bad Breath

Nothing ruins a romantic moment quite like smelling a foul odor on someone’s breath when you lean in for a kiss. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help prevent that from happening to you. First, don’t get garlic, onions, or any other pungent foods during dinner. Second, bring a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste with you on your date so you can quickly clean your teeth, gums, and tongue. Lastly, keep some sugarless gum with you so you can make sure your breath is minty-fresh when the right moment arises!

Tip #2: Share Love, Not Your Toothbrush

Whether it’s with your best friend or your significant other, sharing a toothbrush is an absolute no-no. After all, using someone else’s can introduce bacteria to your mouth and potentially even cause cavities! If you forgot yours, it’s worth taking the few extra minutes to go to your local store to buy a new one. It’s the best way to get the healthy smile and fresh breath you desire.

Tip #3: Kick Unhealthy Dental Habits to the Curb

If you’re nervous before your big date, you might find yourself engaging in unhealthy habits, like chewing on your nails, smoking, and biting your lips. These may seem harmless, but they can negatively impact how your smile looks and how your breath smells. So, do your best to avoid them entirely. Try doing something else to distract yourself, like reading a book!

Tip #4: Don’t Skip the Chapstick!

Chapped, dry lips can make your lips seem uninviting. That’s why it’s important to keep your lips hydrated! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and reapply a lip balm as needed to prevent your lips from drying out.

Tip #5: Visit Your Dentist Before Your Date

There are lots of things to do before a big date – from picking out an outfit you like to planning where you’re going to go. In short, visiting your dentist for a checkup and cleaning should be one of the to-dos. This will ensure that any decay and infection are detected and treated beforehand. Plus, scheduling your first biannual visit of 2023 in February will put you on track for a healthy smile for all of the future dates to come!

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