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4 Things You May Not Know About Veneers (But Should!)

September 23, 2022

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Do you want to transform your smile, but are unsure if veneers are right for you? Many patients find themselves in a similar boat as they determine which cosmetic dental treatment is the best for their specific dental needs, lifestyle, budget, and smile goals. So, if you’re currently on the fence about this popular smile-enhancing treatment, keep reading to learn four important facts about veneers.

Veneers Can Address Several Dental Flaws Simultaneously

Braces can address misalignment. Teeth whitening can correct stains. Dental bonding can fix minor chips. Veneers can do all of that and more! From minor spacing issues to permanent discoloration, the thin shells of porcelain can effortlessly conceal a wide range of imperfections simultaneously. So, while the upfront cost may be a bit higher, it could end up being the most cost-effective option!

The Entire Veneers Process Can Be Completed in Just Two Visits

It’s true! While some cosmetic dental treatments require a 6+ month treatment timeline, veneers take two or three appointments. Naturally, that starts with your consultation, which is where your cosmetic dentist will learn more about what you’d like to change about your smile. The next step will be to create your custom treatment plan, prepare your teeth, and take the necessary impressions. Once the lab artisans are done crafting your permanent veneers, you’ll return to your dentist’s office to have them placed. The end!

Veneers Can Last for 10+ Years

With proper care, veneers can last for well over a decade. The good news is that “proper care” doesn’t mean “cumbersome oral hygiene regimen” either! Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and getting a dental checkup and cleaning biannually are a few essential best practices. Of course, you should also refrain from unhealthy dental habits, like smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, and eating a diet high in added sugar.

You Can Fix One Tooth or Several Imperfect Teeth

One of the biggest benefits of veneers is how versatile they are. If you’re struggling with one chipped, stained, or otherwise imperfect tooth, then a single veneer can be used. If you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation, then your cosmetic dentist can use 10-12. Each and every one will be custom-made to the exact shape, size, and shade you desire to ensure the final result is nothing short of stunning.

Ultimately, whether or not veneers are the best cosmetic dental treatment will be something you decide with your dentist. So, if you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation!

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