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More than just a pretty smile: Invisalign also helps maintain healthy teeth

March 8, 2021

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After 10 years of prescribing Invisalign to patients at Westgate Dental Care and seeing their smiles beautifully transform, Dr. Aurora Hart decided it was time to give her own smile a boost by wearing Invisalign herself.

“It had been in the back of my mind for a while, as I noticed my front teeth begin to crowd,” said Dr. Hart, a dentist at Westgate Dental Care in Arlington Heights. “I didn’t want to go through the pain and discomfort of braces again, and after seeing how good Invisalign has become at predictably moving teeth, I knew this was the option for me.”

Invisalign is a comfortable, clear alternative to metal braces for adults that doesn’t require any brackets, wires or restrictions to be kept in place. Instead, Invisalign clear aligners are precisely fitted to an individual’s teeth in order to evenly space them. The clear aligners can be easily worn during the day and night as well as easily removed for eating and drinking.

Dr. Hart said many patients come to Westgate inquiring about Invisalign because they’ve noticed that their teeth have shifted, much like she did over the years. This shifting, said Dr. Hart, is a natural movement of the teeth that occurs as we age.

“Everyone will experience shifting teeth as part of the aging process, even those who had braces, but didn’t continue wearing their retainers. The older we get, the more prominent the shift is,” said Dr. Hart.

Invisalign was originally created to help those whose teeth “relapsed” after braces and discontinued retainer use, but Dr. Hart said that previously having braces isn’t a requirement for Invisalign. The technology has advanced to be able to correct many different degrees of misaligned teeth.

A free consultation with Dr. Hart or another Invisalign provider at Westgate Dental Care will help patients determine if they are good candidates for the clear aligners.

If patients choose to move forward with Invisalign, the process is very simple. An initial exam will determine the overall health of patients’ gums. If gums are healthy, dentists will then take precise measurements of the mouth, teeth and bite with a 3D digital scanner. From there, aligners are created specifically for each patient along with a customized treatment plan.

Patients wear their clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and receive a new set of aligners every one to two weeks. Typically, Invisalign aligners are worn for 12 to 18 months, with dentists monitoring progress during the entirety of the process. The aligners are easy to clean and should be cleaned often with antibacterial soap to keep your mouth and breath fresh.

Patients can also floss and brush their teeth normally while their aligners, also called trays, are removed. They can also continue with regular dental checkups and cleanings. Once treatment is complete, patients will be fitted with a retainer to help keep their newly aligned smile in place. Westgate Dental Care offers comprehensive pricing, comparable to traditional braces, and payment plans that incorporate retainers, so patients are outfitted with everything they need post-treatment. 

“Retention at the end of treatment is the most important part. We recommend patients wear their retainers each night for life to keep their smiles dazzling,” said Dr. Hart.

While the aesthetic aspect of a perfectly aligned smile brings patients in, Dr. Hart said Invisalign offers patients more than just cosmetic benefits. As teeth crowd, it can make cleansing in between them difficult, leading to greater increased risk of gum disease, sensitivity and bad breath. Additionally, misalignment can lead to chipping either upper or lower teeth.

“Invisalign addresses all aspects, from the cosmetic angle of perfecting your smile to helping patients maintain good dental hygiene by making it easier to clean in between teeth once they are evenly spaced,” said Dr. Hart.

Those interested in Invisalign can reach out to Westgate Dental Care to schedule a free consultation. To learn more about Westgate Dental Care, visit