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You Asked, We Answered: Can I Drink Coffee with Veneers?

July 7, 2022

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Did you know that roughly 150 million Americans consume coffee? That’s about 50% of the US population! So, if you enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon cold brew to wake you up, you’re certainly not alone. Unfortunately, this delicious and energizing beverage is one of the biggest culprits of dental discoloration. But is that true even if you have veneers? To learn the answer, keep reading.

So, Can You Drink Coffee with Veneers?

In short, yes, you can drink coffee with veneers. Unlike your natural teeth, this smile-enhancing treatment is crafted from stain-resistant materials like porcelain. As a result, they won’t discolor as quickly, preserving your bright, beautiful smile for 15+ years. It is worth noting, of course, that they can stain over time if you don’t care for them properly. So, don’t toss out your oral hygiene regimen – it’s as important as ever!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Veneers Stain-Free

There’s good news: veneers don’t come with a complicated and cumbersome oral hygiene regimen. The best way to keep them stain-free is:

  • Use a straw when drinking coffee and other dark-colored beverages, like soda and wine
  • Consume lighter-colored foods (i.e., yogurt, scrambled eggs, oatmeal)
  • Brush and floss your teeth each morning and evening
  • Get a dental checkup and cleaning every six months
  • Refrain from unhealthy dental habits, like smoking

What to Do If Your Veneers Do Discolor

If your veneers do discolor, then the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. From there, they can learn about your concerns, take a look at your teeth, and determine the next best steps. Possible solutions may be a professional dental cleaning, specialized toothpaste, or reglazing your veneers. In some cases, having them replaced is the best course of action, especially if you’ve had them for well over a decade. Of course, the final decision will be between you and your dentist.

The stain-resistant nature of veneers is one of the many reasons they are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments! Of course, it’s still a good idea to exercise caution by using a straw when you do indulge in a cup of coffee. That way, your new smile will stay beautiful and bright for as long as possible.

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