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Gum Reshaping – Arlington Heights, IL

Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Woman smiling in dental chair

When thinking about your smile and what contributes to its beauty, you probably focus on your teeth. After all, what’s a smile without bright, white teeth? However, there is another part of your grin that is equally important when it comes to your overall appearance, your gums. If your teeth seem too short, or your gum to teeth ratio seems disproportionate, we have an effective solution: gum reshaping. Keep reading to learn more about gummy smile correction in Arlington Heights.

The Gum Reshaping Procedure

Man smiling after Gummy Smile Correction in Arlington Heights

The first step is ensuring that the gum reshaping procedure is right for you. One of our experts will carefully examine your smile, checking the health of your teeth and gums. This is also a good time to discuss any goals you have with treatment so we can tailor our care to meet your needs. Once we have decided that this option is a good fit for your smile, we will schedule your appointment.

While some dentists use a scalpel and other instruments that can cause painful bleeding, we use laser dentistry! Our soft tissue laser is more effective, precise, and comfortable than traditional methods. The laser cauterizes the tissue as it moves through your smile, minimizing bleeding and eliminating pain. Typically, this treatment is so painless that you won’t need anesthesia.

After the procedure, some slight soreness is completely normal, but you should be able to get back to your daily routine right away. You can try snacking on cool, soft food to stay as comfortable as possible. We will give you specific aftercare instructions to ensure your swift recovery.

Benefits of Gum Reshaping

Woman smiling in dental chair

We offer this amazing service because of the many benefits it brings our patients, including:

  • Smile transformation: The main benefit of this treatment is your new appearance. You can enjoy a complete upgrade with gum reshaping, giving you perfectly sized teeth.
  • Precision: Whether it’s your whole smile, part of it, or just a single tooth, we can reshape your gums, so they look even, healthy, and beautiful.
  • Health benefits: Eliminating extra gummy areas of your smile may help you brush and floss more thoroughly, removing additional plaque and bacteria in the process.

Are you ready to get started on the smile of your dreams with gum reshaping? Don’t hesitate to contact our office and set up a consultation.

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